Summer Surprise 2021!

Summer Surprise 2021!

Below is your Summer Surprise! You have been asking for more short lessons and here are two! And one full length beauty!

To savor each surprise, it's better not to get them all at once!  The first one is available NOW! So come on get started! It's only 21 minutes!

  1. Push and Reach AVAILABLE NOW! is short and to the point. Push through one foot to your long arm overhead!
  2. Tilt and Twist AVAILABLE JULY 30! another short one! Could be good for a busy day and you want to start out feeling good! Tilt your knees and help your lower back. Your spine says thank you!
  3. Length and Breath AVAILABLE AUGUST 6! will offer you sooo much length in your spine, full breath and "breadth" in your chest!  Arms reach, legs turn, enjoy!

16 thoughts on “Summer Surprise 2021!”

    1. Thanks, Dorothy! Great afternoon pick me up lesson. Feeling more centered, grounded, calm after Tilt and Twist. Blessings!

  1. Dorothy- these short sessions are wonderful summer treats! Perfect in content and length. You are so thoughtful!
    Je vous remercie

  2. Priscilla Steedly

    I loved the short lessons and the long one seemed short too. Of course I did all three at the last minute and they were wonderful together. It didn’t seem like a long time at all. What a great gift for us! Hurry home. We miss you.

  3. I was a procrastinator on doing this, so thank you for the reminders and the patience. Having done the two shorts this afternoon and the Length and Breath this evening, I find my muscles in my lower back more relaxed and lengthened. I do like the short 20 minute classes and would use them as general check ins. Thanks much for putting this together!

    1. You’re welcome, glad you liked the lessons and that they helped your lower back! Yes, go back to the short ones anytime. You can access these lessons even without doing the whole package again. Oh and I like to call it a “Deadline Dancer” instead of procrastinating! I am a Deadline Dancer too! It encouraged you to make the decision to do it, and you did! Congratulations!

  4. Your Summer Surprise were all excellent lessons. The Length and Breath really hit home for me. I was alert and present throughout the lesson and, as always, getting more and more in tune with my “turtle” and my inner “wizard of oz”. Learning to pay much more attention to “the man behind the curtain”!

    1. How fun you got in touch with your “turtle”! To remind others, your “turtle” inside is about moving from the inside out, like a turtle reaching it’s leg or head out from within. A turtle also is pretty slow and aware of it’s movements.

      And your inner “wizard of oz,” how wonderful you remember this! To explain for others, it’s feeling that within our trunk are wonderful movements and different parts, even though it seems like just a solid trunk. It’s the “man behind the curtain” articulating inside us to make all these wonderful movements take place. It’s not just your arm! It starts deep in your trunk. Also, it’s not about thinking but about feeling, sensing so it really does seem like the wizard of oz. All that wonderful movement we do seems like magic because it is as if there is an amazing person behind the curtain, an integrated sense of moving that comes with listening to what you feel as you move!

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