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Planting possibility and nurturing hope


Who I am! Hi, I'm Dorothy Henning

I adore traveling and experiencing the full culture of places and people. Very young I fell arms wide in love with the dramatic vistas of the Pacific and the open "be here now" city of San Francisco, dancing there through that adult youth of self-discovery and beyond, embracing possibility as I traversed the water of the majestic Golden Gate in a life changing swim...

Then took my heart to France, my second country I cherish oh là là, from French literature to Feldenkrais in Switzerland to French sports education degree, nourishing athletes and those facing neurological issues, and adopting a brown French dog along the way,
eventually finding my way back home to my sweet Kentucky where I live with my family and the now fresh memory of our immigrant hound who came with us.

Always uncovering guideposts along the way to nurture hope and help me heal from past trauma, a serious life stopping injury, from all the bumps on the marvelous path of living.

Forever looking for more possibilities... of connecting with others and the world, of opening my heart and my mind, of learning to embrace calm, for ways to show up in the present moment.  I love...

my family
my elderly dog Cassis forever in my heart
dancing around the house
the ocean, lakes and EVERY body of water
nature, give me more of that

And I am passionate about helping you unleash your potential through inspirational guidance and mindful movement to live the life you want to live.

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