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  1. Completed knees bent. Like the opening of the hip joints. Could lay much better on my back when the lesson was completed.

  2. Long open and free. Completed with Tim this morning.
    I have been having trouble with right hip and upper leg Could not cross right leg over left leg. Can you give me some exercises to work on right hip. Feels like this kind of frozen and does not want to move. Thanks

    1. Glad you did the long open and free lesson with Tim. You didn’t go into anything that hurt right? Remember how important the awareness and the “how” is.
      I’ll think about what we want for your hip. This heart of winter time and weather I am finding is very hard on everyone with joints, something to consider too. Could you do an Epsoms salt bath? Make it not too hot and soak for a long time, at least 40 minutes.
      I’ll let you know about the next lesson.

    1. That’s great, this tells me you let go and you did not push. I hope you had more movement in your chest with breathing afterwards. I’ll see you tomorrow.

    1. I thought you would like this lesson! Slowly letting parts of you, especially your back, elongate “stretch,” gently encouraging the parts that are not as quick to get involved and move.

  3. Upright in library extension. Completed lesson after going to the pool this morning.
    Right thigh was tight and after lesson did lay a bit better on the floor.
    Did on my stomach. Had trouble with breathing at the end when I was stretching both arms. Kept holding my breath. Good lesson.

  4. Dorothy Henning

    Regarding the Upright lesson, the last movement with both arms out is a more challenging movement.

    Like you said, most important is that you NOTICED that you were holding your breath. When it is more challenging to get organized for the movement, we can tend to hold our breath.

    Really make sure you feel the somatic chain of movement from your pubic bone pushing forward and how that force goes up your back and out your head. So you don’t think about “lifting the head” but make sure this is in place before you lift your arms.

    We’ll look at it in a session too!

  5. Completed upright 1 again. Wanted to do that before I did upright 2. Like your comment about letting go. It help me relax my entire back.

    1. I’m glad you did it again, it’s such a good lesson for you. And a great idea to do it before doing Upright II.

  6. Completed eclipse of the hip lesson. It was challenging on my right side. Did what I could. I have such pain between my hip and my knee on the right side. It’s hard to do those movements.

    1. Dorothy Henning

      I have a question for you… When you couldn’t do THOSE movements, how did you make them YOUR movements? How did you adapt? Did you do anything that hurt? Did you see my text I sent you about this lesson?

      Most importantly, you told me about how it was hard to do the movements, the real question is how did you feel afterwards and what did you notice afterwards? It’s fine if the movements were difficult you had to adapt, what matters is how you adapted, how did you stay with the idea of a lesson even if you adapted? What was the result at the end, again how did you feel afterwards?

  7. Timmie Butler

    Completed Hoops short lesson
    When began right leg with constructed.
    We not lay straight on the table.
    By the middle of the class, all that tension was gone.
    I found this to be a very relaxing and easy sort of lesson.
    How do I get the lesson above with a checkmark to show us completed?

    1. Dorothy Henning

      Great! You’re moving along. You have to go to the lesson and that is where you see the box “Mark as complete”
      You can also comment about that lesson on that lesson’s page.

  8. Timmie Butler

    Jar opener.
    Nice and relaxing.
    Chest and shoulders relaxed
    Can not put right leg over left leg when feet standing. Too difficult for fight hip. Did some extremely small moves.
    Relaxed and going to bed.
    Thank you.

  9. Timmie Butler

    Head and pelvis connected – short.
    Completed a lesson tonight.
    Rolling the hips was very relaxing. Pelvis opened up on my right hip where having trouble.
    I really didn’t get the connection of it going up my back to my shoulders.

    1. Dorothy Henning

      I can help you with that tomorrow. I can’t wait for you to do the Jaw and Pelvis Connected next. There is a moment where you move the pelvis with not pressure on the feet, which means you will be moving your pelvis in relation to your legs, with your legs just resting. Great for your hip joints because we don’t usually do this. We are usually swinging or moving our legs in relation to our pelvis. Doing this the other way around really helps your brain let go of tight hip joints.

  10. Edge of the feet short
    Enjoyed, rolling my back without moving my skin on the floor. Felt good. Good stretch doing the bridge next line could significantly tell the difference in how tight my right hip is compared to my left hip. Have trouble trying to move my foot side to side and not move my knee. Did very small movement but found that very challenging.
    We will be out of town and returning the week of the 21st. Please assign some more lessons and I will work on them while we’re out of town. Thank you.

  11. Dorothy Henning

    3 new lessons up. You have done the full-length version of Knees Back, now here is the short, so good to repeat. Also Long, Open and Free. Giving you the newest lesson just out. This is a good one for you to do as long as you adapt for your right hip. If it hurts to lift the leg, keep the leg down.

  12. Knees back.
    Did a short after checking into the hotel room. Very relaxing. My right hip is hurting and it was good to open it up.

  13. Turn it around – sitting in a chair.
    Completed at Purdue while attending the weekend celebration of Kendall‘s graduation.
    Nice lesson to do sitting in a chair.

  14. Dorothy Henning

    Great. I’m glad you can see the benefits of a chair lesson. Also good when you don’t want to get on the floor, so perfect.


    Completed first lesson Monday in hotel room at Fair Oaks.
    Completed second lesson this morning in hotel in Chicago.
    These lessons were assigned to Tim.
    Liked the very end of lesson two when we were standing and stretched leg like beginning to walk.
    Liked the feeling in stretching the hip joints.

    1. Dorothy Henning

      That’s great. Those are two really good lessons for you. When you have the leg behind you, I call that remembering the back leg that you noticed the leg when it’s behind you and how you open the hip joint, that’s exactly exactly what I want for you.

      Proud of you both. And you should be proud of yourself. You’re really progressing. I’m going to put more on for you.

  16. Dorothy Henning

    New lessons for you!
    Fold It
    Catching Raindrops
    Frog Leg Slide (I know you have done this but it is good for your hips and knees so go back to it) and
    Push & Reach.

    Also, now that you have done Upright I and II, go back and do the Extension – Short that you see further up in your hub. Now you can do the short and it will mean more to you and help you reinforce the learning since you have done the two full length lessons.

    Long day wailgibgdo good to end day with a lesson.
    Liked the entire movement getting pelvis avd head and mouth movement.

    Having trouble with right hip this week while in Chicago.
    Have trouble crossing legs while feet on the floor.
    Did small moves
    Like the stretching of the back when hand make a triangle up in the air.

    1. Dorothy Henning

      I’m sorry to hear your right hip is hurting, let’s look at that and what we can do to help. Including with what lessons and especially how to do them. It sounds like you did well with this lesson, you did it smaller.

      One suggestion is when your hip is hurting, and the lesson asks you to cross your legs and tilt your legs you can do it without crossing them. Just leave them standing, and don’t tilt very far.

    woke up and right leg hurting.
    Completed lesson while Tim is sleeping.
    Having significant pain in RT hip all week. Plus RT achilles tendon is always hurting.
    Always like this lesson.
    Going to hotel pool when it opens this morning for water exercises.

    Good long stretches
    Felt good to lift head and legs together on the side.
    Nice to feel hip joint open up.

    1. Dorothy Henning

      This is great. It’s just what I wanted for you. Side movements are really helpful for your hip and your overall movement. Keep it up!


    Good stretch in back especially when in car for long time period.

    Noticed difference in how I was laying on the floor at the beginning versus the end.

    1. Dorothy Henning

      Yes, really good for a car ride. It re-organizes you inflection so then extension goes better. Balancing this with the extension lessons is really good. One of each after a long car ride is a good idea. I would do the flexion one first.

    When first started the lesson, my right hip to my ankle was not laying on the floor. At the end of this lesson, it was totally relaxed and laying down on the floor.
    Big improvement from the beginning.

    1. Dorothy Henning

      Great about your hip and leg lying on the floor. You are really beginning to fly! Other version up now. It’s about the same, but good to do that one in a couple of days. Good work!

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