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8 thoughts on “Timmie’s Hub”

  1. Completed knees bent. Like the opening of the hip joints. Could lay much better on my back when the lesson was completed.

  2. Long open and free. Completed with Tim this morning.
    I have been having trouble with right hip and upper leg Could not cross right leg over left leg. Can you give me some exercises to work on right hip. Feels like this kind of frozen and does not want to move. Thanks

    1. Glad you did the long open and free lesson with Tim. You didn’t go into anything that hurt right? Remember how important the awareness and the “how” is.
      I’ll think about what we want for your hip. This heart of winter time and weather I am finding is very hard on everyone with joints, something to consider too. Could you do an Epsoms salt bath? Make it not too hot and soak for a long time, at least 40 minutes.
      I’ll let you know about the next lesson.

    1. That’s great, this tells me you let go and you did not push. I hope you had more movement in your chest with breathing afterwards. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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