Self-Paced Radical Self-Kindness Through Movement Challenge

4 thoughts on “Self-Paced Radical Self-Kindness Through Movement Challenge”

  1. Amazed how relaxed my shoulder blades felt after this lesson! It felt like they were way lower in my back. What a surprise!
    Also, I was kind to myself during the lesson. Lying on left side caused discomfort so I turned and did the movement on the right side for the remainder of the session. My left arm/hand was thankful for this ‘kindful’ attention. Thank you, Dorothy!

    1. Sharon, great example of how you took care of yourself and adapted when you couldn’t lie on your left side, you did it on the right! It’s not easy to make changes when we think we better do exactly as directed. Of course we want results, but this is not how they come, they come when you tend to yourself. Wow, you are building your superpower, radical self-kindness! Way to go! Dorothy

    1. Shanon, I’m glad it was interesting for you! It can be quite astonishing, in a good way, as we become more balanced and without having to force or try. That is your wonderful system! Warmly, Dorothy

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