Free Your Head

Free Your Head

Does your head sometimes feel heavy?

Is it sometimes difficult to turn your head?

It can be better!

Others who have done this lesson said they feel free at their head, neck and shoulders! Buttery smooth turning, easy support of the head with a connected willowy spine. It's a delightful feeling!

This helps your perception in all directions which helps improve your balance.

Do the lesson and then check out the short After Class Q&A.


Important note: We will sometimes be sitting on the floor with legs crossed (tailor fashion) and leaning on hands behind. PLEASE ADJUST FOR HOW YOU NEED TO SIT. You may need to have your crossed legs a little further out in front of you. Or it may not work to cross your legs so change how you have your legs.


And if you can't sit on the floor, you could sit on a bed like in this photo and use a stool to bring your legs up higher.

Priscilla sitting feet crossed alt to taylor fashion on floor 2023-08-10 110255

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