FREE Pelvic Floor Lesson

It's time to get beyond Kegels!

You've probably heard of Kegel exercises,
but do you know really how to do them?
Are they working for you?

The key to your pelvic floor is... your whole body!

In order to learn awareness and strength of the pelvic floor, we do gentle exercises that begin with a whole, full-body movement and then layer in the pelvic floor.

The Pelvic Floor is important for...

  • Digestion

  • Elimination

  • Reproduction

  • Horseback riding

  • Breathing

  • Balance

  • Walking

  • Dancing

  • Getting up from a chair

That's why strengthening the pelvic floor is important for every woman...
active or non-active, young or young at heart, experiencing issues or eager to prevent them.

Having a well functioning and strong pelvic floor is part of taking care of yourself… now, and for your future.

"I wish my mom had all this info a long time ago!" - Previous Pelvic Floor Workshop Participant

What you'll need for the lesson:

  1. Warm comfortable clothing.
  2. A comfortable place to lie down on the floor on a cushioned exercise mat, if you have one, or blankets for padding.
    (Lying on a firm bed is ok.)
  3. A towel or small blanket to fold flat to lie under your head

Join me Saturday, January 29, 2022 ~ 11:00am - 12:00pm EST

*Uncertain if you can make it live? Register anyway — then you'll get notified of the replay, available for a limited time.


The movements of the pelvic floor are subtle.  Sometimes it's hard to know if you are moving this part of you.  The Feldenkrais® Method has been shown to be very effective in helping increase awareness of the pelvic floor.


Just like every other part of us, the pelvic floor doesn't work alone.  It is a team player in your synergistic system of basic life functions. Instead of isolating the movement of the pelvic floor immediately, we begin with a full-body movement and layer in the pelvic floor movements. This way of learning has been shown to be very effective and anyone can do it.


If we contract a muscle continually, it actually becomes weak.  You will learn how to sense and embody the phases of relaxation and strengthening.  We have to sense where something is in us in order to move it and to strengthen it. We begin with awareness and this leads to strengthening.

"Wow, for the first time I can sense my pelvic floor moving! I have been doing Kegels for years and I was not even sure I was moving anything or doing them right!"
- Previous Pelvic Floor Workshop Participant

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Hello, I'm Dorothy

I'm always uncovering guideposts to nurture hope and help me heal from past trauma, a serious life stopping injury, and from all the bumps on the marvelous path of living.

Forever looking for more possibilities... of connection with others and the world, of opening my heart and my mind, of learning to embrace calm, of ways to show up in the present moment.

I love...

  • my family
  • my elderly dog Cassis, forever in my heart
  • dancing around the house
  • the ocean, lakes and EVERY body of water
  • nature, give me more of that

AND, I am passionate about helping you discover your resources to live a better life.


Saturday, January 29, 2022 ~ 11:00am - 12noon EST

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