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  5-Day Radical Self-Kindness Through Movement Challenge  
  November 6 - 10, 2023  

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Time to take care of you

5-Day Radical Self-Kindness Through Movement Challenge November 6 - 10, 2023

Time to take care of you.

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Do you "grin and bear it" to go on vacation even though limited in what you can do?

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Do you want to attend an event but are forced to sit on the sidelines and miss an entire fun day?

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Have you exercised but it hurt, and thought "I just have to live with it"?

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Do you take care of others and everything else before taking care of you?

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Do you want to make changes — physical, emotional, mental — so you can fully participate in your life, but nothing sticks?

Give me 30 minutes a day of your time, for 5 days, and you will discover how Radical Self-Kindness with Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® affects you on every level — how you move, how you think, and how you live.


"I do something with you most every day. You are a part of my daily soup of nourishing experience! A recent lesson was mind-blowingly healing for me. I was able to be be so loving with myself!

And your voice and visage, your funny sweetness and contagious curiosity always make you a fun healing guide and companion!"

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Meet Your Guide

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Hello, I'm Dorothy Henning

Always uncovering guideposts to nurture hope and help me heal from past trauma, a serious life stopping injury, and from all the bumps on the marvelous path of living.

Forever looking for more possibilities... of opening my heart and my mind, of connecting with others and the world, of learning to embrace calm, for ways to show up in the present moment.  I love...

my family
canine friends, from labs to chihuahuas
dancing around the house
the ocean, lakes and EVERY body of water
nature, give me more of that

With over 2 decades of experience as a Feldenkrais and Havening Techniques Practitioner, along with a degree in the Physiology of Sports Education, I am a leading expert in my field. I have developed and refined my program for self-discovery, healing, and connection through movement. I am passionate about helping you unleash your potential through inspirational guidance and mindful movement to live the life you want to live.

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